Brand Leadership

Mélanie Berliet

SVP & Group GM, Home & Design

Rachel Berman

SVP & Group GM, Family & Wellness

Alysia Borsa

Chief Business Officer & President of Lifestyle, Health & Finance

Eric Handelsman

SVP & Group GM, Food

Sara Michael

SVP & Group GM, Health

Elspeth Velten

SVP & Group GM, Travel

Leah Wyar

President of Entertainment and Beauty & Style Group

Dylan Zurawell

SVP & Group GM, Finance

Corporate Leadership

Neil Vogel

Chief Executive Officer

Tim Quinn

Chief Financial Officer & Head of Strategy

Alex Ellerson

Chief Operating Officer

Nabil Ahmad

Chief Technology Officer 

Tory Brangham 

Chief Commerce Officer 

Andrew Gorenstein

President, Advertising & Partnerships

Jack Griffin

Operating Chairman, Magazines

Jeff Hartwig

SVP, General Counsel & Corporate Secretary

Vincent Holleran

Chief Design Officer

Melissa Inman

SVP, Brand Partnerships & Licensing

Adam McClean

Chief Product Officer 

Matt Petersen

President, Specialty Marketing Solutions

DeLonzo Rhodes

Head of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion 

Dr. Jon Roberts

Chief Innovation Officer

Ellen Shultz

Chief Human Resources Officer

Nicole Silver

Chief Marketing Officer, Advertising & Partnerships

Lindsay Van Kirk

SVP and GM, D/Cipher

Meredith Worsham

Chief of Staff & Head of Communications